A Student’s vision for Inclusivity: Identity In Industry

Identity in Industry STEAM Boston
(From the left: Johanna Sena, Chris Muchata, Tory Lam, and Juval Racelis) Photo Courtesy of Jasmine Andrade

Flip through the booklet below to explore the conversations on intersectionality in the workplace.

Tune in to the STEAM Boston Podcast below to listen to the conversations captured at the event.

Identity In Industry opened the conversations on intersectionality in the workplace, inviting students and professionals to participate in an interactive gallery walk and open forum conversation. The event sought to strengthen the understanding of systemic issues regarding race & ethnicity based on perspective. Identity In Industry was the second part of Jasmine’s Wentworth Leadership Institute Phase III project, entitled “United We Stand, Stronger We Are”.

The purpose of this project was to make a platform for Identity-based organizations who are not apart of a National Organization. The platform, “United We Stand, Stronger We Are”, seeks to provide a professional environment for students in underrepresented communities to engage in conversations about issues that affect their community. Jasmine, a third-year Interdisciplinary Engineering Major at Wentworth, had a vision for fostering an inclusive, safe and open environment for students and professionals to share experiences and understand differences. The event sought to challenge current institutional and workplace culture to provide an inclusive environment for all. This project chose a broad community, industries & institutions, and explored it thoroughly through the lens of students, alumni and professionals who exist in those spaces. Students and professionals walked into the gallery and were greeted by an encouraging sign that read,

“I encourage you to be open, to think unapologetically, to be understanding, to challenge yourself, and to discuss the content with someone who you don’t know.”

Students and professionals entered the gallery walk with their given sticky notes and pens in hand. They were encouraged to acknowledge their presence in the space through engaging with the gallery walk. Participants engaged in an open discussion with professionals and alumni about personal experiences in institutional and industry settings.

Now follow along with the projects booklet to witness the gallery walk and read quotes from the professional and alumni panel from Identity in Industry. Also, listen to the panel discussion on the STEAM Boston podcast.

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