Advice for Future Mechanical Engineering Students at Boston University

YiWen Deng

YiWen Deng Steam boston
Photo Courtesy of YiWen Deng

Tell us about yourself.

Hello, my name is YiWen Deng and I have recently graduated from Boston University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am interested in working in the manufacturing engineering field. I also have a strong interest in aviation.

How was the program at Boston University?

The engineering program at Boston University was challenging. As a mechanical engineering student, you will be given a set of required courses to take. Your choice of elective courses are very limited and the program expects its students to take up to five courses for a few semesters.

What advice would you give to students interested in entering the Mechanical Engineering program at Boston University?

  1. Attend the engineering career fair that happens in October of the first semester. Throw yourself out there and let it be known that you are a first-semester freshman with no experience but has a strong interest and desire to gain industry experience. Companies nowadays want to start early in preparing students so they would be willing to hire new incoming students without any prior experience.
  2. Take as many AP courses as you can in high school. Those credits could help you get out of electives and core science/math courses. This could reduce your workload and spare you from taking five courses a semester or it allows you to have an easier senior year where students will also have to deal with a senior capstone project.

How has Boston University prepared you for your post-graduate life?

Some professors in the mechanical engineering department are very willing to help you out if you have questions regarding your career paths. Speak to them and hear their insight.

What was your favorite thing about your Boston University experience?

My favorite experience at Boston University is that they have a 3D Printing lab facility where students can use it for free. I would design my own CAD drawings / find CAD drawings of Pokemon and 3D print them there for free!


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