Olu Ibrahim Kids in Tech
Kids in Tech was founded in 2016 in Lowell, Massachusetts to prepare disadvantaged kids with interactive, free after school programs in computers and technology. By 2024, 80% of the top 10 most in-demand...
Amma Marfo: Rethinking the stigma of Introversion and how it can affect change in career culture.
Introduction We talked to Amma Marfo, a speaker and facilitator. Amma trains large corporations, nonprofits and college campuses around the idea of using creativity and finding ways your temperament can...
Christy Felix CEO uHustle and Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar: Her Story
A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Christy Felix about her journey. Christy Felix is the CEO of uHustle. A university-based marketplace focused on giving students...
college senior job search
The team at STEAM Boston recently interviewed a college graduate about their experiences job searching. Check out the questions we asked below and learn more about their experiences.
How attending a 14 week coding bootcamp retrained my ability to learn a growth mindset.
Incredible mindset capacities are latent inside all of us we just have to retrain the right mindful approach to awaken them. Coding boot camps are a great place to start acquiring mindful growth...
Dawdu Mahama Amantanah STEAM Boston
Tell us a little about yourself. Hi, my name is Dawdu Mahama Amantanah, I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and living here you quickly learn they are...
STEAM Boston Kaitlyn Ponti
It's been a year since we interviewed Kaitlyn, we caught up with Kaitlyn to see where she is at today. Read her interview a year ago: https://www.steamboston.com/day-in-the-life-of-a-biomedical-engineering-student-kaitlyn-ponti/
Prabhjyot Kaur (WIT Coops and Careers)
Prabhjyot Kaur is a Wentworth Junior studying Computer Information Systems. She recently completed her first co-op with The TJX Companies as an IT Business Analyst in Marlborough, MA.  Prabhjyot sat down with CO-OPS...
Jocelyn Frechette (WIT Coops and Careers)
Jocelyn is a rising Wentworth senior studying Electrical Engineering and minoring in Physics. She recently completed her second co-op at BAE Systems as a Technical Intern 2 and generously shared her co-op experience with us:
Kelsey DeGouveia (WIT Co-op and Careers)
Kelsey is a recent Wentworth graduate of the Biomedical Engineering program with a minor in Biology. Looking back on her time at Wentworth, she shared with us about her very first co-op experience: