Jasmine Andrade – My Mission to Be a Successful Engineer, Innovator, and Business Leader

Jasmine Andrade
Photo Courtesy of Jasmine Andrade

Tell us about yourself.

Bon dia! My name is Jasmine Andrade, a Cape Verdean American born in Boston, Massachusetts. I grew up in a small suburb of Maryland called Waldorf and am twenty years old. I am a creative engineering student with a business mindset currently attending Wentworth Institute of Technology. I am an Interdisciplinary Engineering (BSEN) Major, concentrating on Manufacturing Engineering, double Minoring in Industrial Design and Business Management focusing on Project Management. My interests are in product design, manufacturing design, technical management, and operations. I have a passion for learning, a love for music and I am constantly looking for new artist to listen to!

What got you interested in majoring in Interdisciplinary Engineering?

Interdisciplinary Engineering provided me with the flexibility to come into Wentworth with options, almost like an undeclared major. In your first year of the Interdisciplinary Engineering program, you can get a feel for what major you are truly interested in before declaring a concentration. The program also provides freedom in your schedule with room to minor or even double minor!

What advice would you give to students interested in majoring in Interdisciplinary Engineering?

The advice I would give students interested in Interdisciplinary Engineering is, go for it! Interdisciplinary engineering has endless opportunities for you to grow and expand your horizons in the engineering realm! Also, explore Wentworth, meet new people and don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in at Wentworth?

Extracurricular activities, where do I begin? Lol. I have been able to be a part of amazing organizations that are creating community and representation for students at Wentworth.

As the Co-Founder and President of the Cape Verdean Student Association (CVSA), Former Vice President of Multicultural Student Association (MSA), member of the National Society of Black Engineers and as a Diversity Advocate for the Center of Diversity and Social Justice Programs (CDSJP) I have been a collaborative member of all these organizations bridging them and creating pathways for culturally diverse and entertaining events on Wentworth’s campus.

I have represented many international programs and opportunities that Wentworth offers through the MSA Cultural Shock, an event held for the entire student body to indulge in cultural foods and performances. Through my leadership roles on campus, Ihave been involved in developing inclusive and diverse campus events to expose the student body to vibrancy and intricacy of multicultural awareness on Wentworth’s Campus. I have worked to put on programs with welcoming environments for students to feel open to share.

Collaborating with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), CVSA was able to create Wentworth’s first Bachata vs. Kizomba dancing competition. This allowed students of all backgrounds to learn about new cultures and pick up some new dance moves. Creating and collaborating to create community is a priority in my involvement through campus engagement.

Through the Wentworth Leadership Institute, I am currently working on my Phrase three project, entitled United we stand, Stronger we are. The goal of this project is to establish a platform for identity-based organizations who are not part of a national organization, through social and professional conferences.

I am also working on a start-up and am a Student Coach through Accelerate, Wentworth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. Accelerate “houses interdisciplinary, extracurricular programs to build innovative thinking and entrepreneurial confidence in students”, a catalyst for transforming students’ passions into start-ups!

My involvement on campus spans everywhere and I love being involved in various organizations and leading our future through campus engagement!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Are we on a date? Lol. My five-year plan is to be a successful engineer, innovator and business leader. I am a “To do” list maker, a vision board maker, and a self-motivator. I have a list of goals and milestones that I want to achieve, one of which is a master’s degree. In five years, I will be twenty-five, I envision myself graduated from my undergraduate and graduate programs, happily working as an engineering for an amazing company or as a CEO of my own start-up company!

You interned at Raytheon, how was your experience there?

At Raytheon, I worked as an Operations Specialist and a Surface Mount Technology Manufacturing Engineer. I was exposed to various manufacturing applications and operations techniques. I gained hands-on experience in manufacturing and learned a lot from the engineering and management team. Raytheon is a large company with a small company feel, everyone is willing to share knowledge, networking opportunities and expand your horizons.

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