What Is It Like Job Searching as a College Senior?

college senior job search

The team at STEAM Boston recently interviewed a college graduate about their experiences job searching. Check out the questions we asked below and learn more about their experiences.

For students graduating in the summer next year, what advice do you have for them?

Research the companies you are applying to and make sure the company values and culture align with you. Also, make sure they (the company) value your personal wellbeing – you are going to be spending most of your time at your job day in and day out. Don’t make your life miserable.

What tools and resources did you use when you were looking for a full-time job? Did you use a spreadsheet to keep track of applications?

Throughout the process, I used a spreadsheet to keep track of where I applied and where I am in the process. This allowed me to get a good overview of what positions I am getting the most traction. Alongside that, I looked at job boards such as Indeed, BuiltinBoston, VentureFizz, and many more! (Not all job postings are on Indeed.)

Congrats on landing your first full-time job before graduation! Was it a nerve-racking experience?

It definitely was. Interviewing for a fulltime job was more stressful than interviewing for a co-op. Employers want to know more about you before taking you on for fulltime.

Getting rejections and being ghosted by employers is certainly very stressful, how did you alleviate that stress?

Since this time around, I am not required by the school to find a job, there was not as much stress as finding a mandatory co-op to graduate. I see each rejection as an opportunity for the future to try again. Every co-op position that I was rejected by, I revisited the company when I was seeking for fulltime to give it another shot and expressed my interests in the company prior.

Did you have a mentor to assist with your job hunting processing?

My capstone mentor was a huge help in the process!

You do have internship experiences on your resume, did it help when interviewing for companies?

Oh yeah, it did!

If you could have gone back in time, what would you have done differently?

Nothing. I am happy with what I got and where I am now.

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