Sending a thank you email after your interview is important because it expresses your gratitude for having the opportunity to meet with your interviewers. You want to have a long-lasting impression after the interview, so it is important to send the email within 24 hours after your interview. In the email, you can bring up points that the interviewer brought up during the interview and expand more on how you can help the team with your skills.

What if you forget to grab a business card after your interview?

No worries! If you can get in contact with the HR representative that helped you set up the interview, then they can possibly help you relay the thank you message to the interviewer.

Here is an example template email that you can send:

Subject: [Your Name] interview – Thanks for your time!

Hello [Name of HR representative],

Thanks so much for arranging my interview with [Interviewer’s name]. It was great to learn more about [Company Name], and the [Position Title] role.

If you could relay the message to [Interviewer’s Name] that I appreciate them for taking their time for interviewing me, that would be great!

If you need anything else from me, please let me know. Otherwise, I look forward to the next steps in our process.


[Your Name]

What you should not do in the thank you email.

  • Don’t stalk your interviewers and send a message outside your medium of communication. For example, don’t send a thank you message to their Facebook.
  • Make sure there aren’t any grammar mistakes and proofread your content.
  • Try to keep the email professional. For example, don’t say “LOL thank you for the interview” insert *dabbing gif*.
  • Don’t put anything that would jeopardize your interview process.

Sending a thank you email would definitely be useful in your job hunt.

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